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last update -October 2, 2001

A friend of mine was very lucky as he walked away from his rolled car, no more than 2 feet from missing a tree the other day. He is a very skilled driver so that is not the issue here. It just goes to show that you can never be too careful - you just never know.

It was a club Fun Run, and we take a very hilly, twisty road on our way to camp out up 'nort. We've all taken that turn at speed before, and this particular driver you would think to be the last one to lose control. It is very tricky; a blind sweeper to the left with a sharp drop in elevation. After 470 feet of skidmarks, the right rear wheel hit a mound of dirt and flipped the car. Everyone was surprised to see both him and his dog step out of the car without a scratch. The Police could NOT believe he was ok as the roof was caved in on the car!

There was a Corrado following him; he had to bite the brakes and ultimately bit the ditch. He, his passenger and his car survived, but the incident gave the group pause and something to think about for future endeavours. So I'm asking everyone to think long and hard next time you drive at breakneck speeds! I felt pretty invincible myself as I was flying down the road, but I'll think more next time.

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