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2003 Subaru Impreza WRX
click to enlarge. i don't have many pics of this car.

my modifications

  • ghetto intake silencer delete
  • nothing else.
  • nothing. sorry. unless you count redline fluid (75w90 trans, MT90 diff) but that's hardly a "mod"
  • 17" ROTA Tarmac 2 w/ 225/45 Yoko ES100
  • this is turning out to be a pretty stock car lol
  • stock is good enough for me. kthnx
  • Maybe someday a round leather shift knob with nobody's name on it.
  • oh, yeah, some vital gauges like boosto, a/f and egt. but i'm not going to list "future mods" so just pretend there's nothing here.

    oh, we also have a mazda 6 woot.

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