links are for everyone
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links are for everyone

This page is dedicated to linking you to all sorts of places around the globe. Right now I have over 100 links in 6 catagories here, and I'm adding more every once in a while. Go check them out. If you would like yours added here, then
Email: send me some mail!

Volkswagen Links

other people's VW pages

  • The New Beetle Gallery
  • Slammed Beetle
  • Jetta World
  • h20 Cooler
  • David's Volkwagen page
  • Edison Farrow's VW page
  • Larry's off road
  • Vw's from Lubbock, TX
  • home of the vw's unlimited webring
  • the jay's 16v site
  • VW Golf GTI Homepage
  • Watercooled Performance
  • VW World - All things Volkswagen
  • Jay's AKTIV Audiophonics
  • Brian's VW page
  • DJ's World of VW
  • Andy's pimpin' 86
  • The GLI Realm

    other links
    My Dad's new restaraunt
    my 007 page
    my Blues Brothers page
    the Fond du Lac Mafia
    my link page. over 100 of them

    Sweet Love Links

    reach out and touch someone

    Tv, Magazines, Music
    1. The Onion UW Madison's paper. kick ass
    2. Motor Trend
    3. NBC Studios
    4. ABC Studios
    5. CBS Studios
    6. Mtv News You hear it First
    7. are you ready for some FOOTBALL?
    8. Its like, Totally 80's at the 80's page
    9. My page with lots of links to your favorite movies
    10. Comedy Central
    11. Columbia House Entertainment
    12. get backstage passes to alice cooper at TICKETMASTER
    13. HERE!!! this one was 30 links to movies, cartoons, you name it
    14. Alpine Stereos again
    15. The Gong Show Fan Page
    16. Too Much TV Test (couch potatoes!)
    17. For the Freakazoid in you
    18. Athena's entertainment links
    19. The X-Files
    20. Stan's South Park Guide to Life
    21. My So Called Life
    22. Supermodels, Spokesmodels, etc
    23. South Park and Magic
    24. The Good O'le Days
    25. TV in Thailand
    26. The Munsters and the Adams Family"
    27. Cheesypoofs' South Park Page

    28. Homer Simpson page
    29. mmm....donuts...homer
    30. Farrah Fawcett's Fan Club
    31. Lots of TV Links here

    1. my Titanic page
    2. the official Titanic page
    3. my 007 page">
    4. Tomorrow Never Dies
    5. The Gotham Gazette
    6. my blues brothers page
    7. clean up some alien scum with the men in black
    8. liar! liar! honest.
    9. The Nando Times (news, lots of old comics here)
    10. The House Of Blues
    11. Mallrats, Clerks, it's viewaskew!
    12. A very good page dedicated to William Wallace (Braveheart)
    13. Where the hell is Romeo? This way!!
    14. Ace Ventura in french
    15. dazed and confused
    16. the official dazed and confused page
    17. go back to the home page
    18. the about me page
    19. they have alot of links including Pulp Fiction and The Simpsons


    1. Alpine stereos
    2. The Corvette Museum
    3. BMW USA
    4. Delorean
    5. Ferrari
    6. The official Ferrari page
    7. Jaguar
    8. Lamborghini
    9. Lotus
    10. Porsche
    11. da da da Volkswagen
    12. Mobil gasoline co.
    13. go buy a car on the Autoweb

    1. Alpine Stereos kick ass
    2. Oakley sunglasses are overrated
    3. Equinox International Rip-off
    4. Hotmail is free
    5. Angelfire- they suck
    6. Geocities- better rules and regulations than angelfire, but they still suck
    7. Tripod homepages are better than Angelfire.
    8. Xoom homepages. 75,000 images
    9. k2 snowboards
    10. College Club for all you higher education people
    11. UW Oshkosh-my school
    12. Fond du Lac City's page. this is my town
    13. National Computer Security i got your security right here!
    14. The VR Mall
    15. computer flowers can make up for you being dumb

    1. webcrawler
    2. yahoo
    3. infoseek
    4. excite
    5. metacrawler

    real people's pages
    1. 007 James Bond. This is my page
    2. need someone taken care of? The Fond du Lac Mafia
    3. my tribute to the blues brothers
    4. learn about the man behind the scenes
    5. Movie links, and that's about it
    6. Sarah's page. my personal handywork just for her
    7. my cross country page
    8. my partner in crime Derek's page. it sucks
    9. my coolie Brian's page
    10. pinks page
    11. nick venne land
    12. this page sucks, but theres a good link here
    13. need a banner made? this guy will make it!
    14. have you ever seen a freakbrat?
    15. this one is totally imaginationless
    16. have you ever smelled a cat's ass?
    17. this one is a pile of garbage(dump)
    18. go jump a truck here