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Road Trip! Door County, WI

Door County, WI is located in the penninsula on the North-East side of the state. If you like to eat cherries, chances are they were probably Door County Cherries. A nationally known getaway spot, you'll be sure to see cars from all kinds of states there, including some expensive machinery in the mix. Typically I notice mostly Mercedes-Benz's, but you'll also see Jaguars, Land Rovers, BMW's, Porsches-a-plenty, and most likely a Ferrari or two.

Along the Green Bay side runs HWY 42, where most every small town is located. Every one has a ship yard & shops to shop in. What can you buy? Sadly, it's either old people type souveniers, clothes that no vain person would ever wear, or really expensive furniture & art that is awesome but really... expensive. Always great places to eat, excellent hotels, motels, lodges, and bed-n-breakfasts.

The Lull-Abi-Inn, Egg Harbor
A very popular dinner experience is the Scandinavian Fish Boil. First you watch the cooks perform the show of cooking the dinner, which consists of whitefish, red potatoes and onions boiled in a huge kettle. At the end of the boil, you throw kerosean on the fire and let it flame up! The flames pour over the kettle and burn away all the fat deposite floating in the water.

What else? If you don't like that, then go there for the twisty roads that are to be found pretty much everywhere.

Some more pictures of my recent trip to Door County
Little Sweeden (near Egg Harbor)
One of Many coffee shops/art galleries
If you are bored, might as well go mini-golfing
One of many boat harbors...
Of course, stop at the Chocolate Chicken for fudge, coffee, and the bestest hot chocolate you will ever have
See how good much Sarah likes it?

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