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Last Update May 13, 2004

The Man Behind the Scenes

Here's my wife and me, both 26 years old and last year I got one past the goalie. Here he is, finally! Mini-me:

Appleton, WI... Life is pretty good here I guess, except for all the excess sloth and gluttony lol land of cheese and beer. That and there's nothing in particular going on at any given time. Appleton is home to the nation's first hydroelectric power plant, the nations first trolley car, the world's first indoor shopping mall, and of course Harry Houndini. We are also known as The Paper Valley, home to many of the world's largest paper companies. So next time you wipe your ass think of me kthnx.

In case you were wondering, and I know you are because of all the retards wearing cheese on their heads at football games, my favorite team is the Oakland Raiders. No, not the Packers OMG sacreligious. Some people here are honestly stunned that you do not bleed Green and Gold. They sit in disbelief, like a deer caught in headlights. I also do not hunt, drive a pickup truck, or enjoy cold, bitter winter. Just a little out of my element up here lol.

A few pics of our house... click to enlarge

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